Health and Fitness Recruitment Australia (HFRA)Health and Fitness Recruitment Australia
On-demand Health, Well Being, Fitness and Immunisation specialists for small business, enterprise and community bodies.

Health and Fitness Recruitment Australia

At Health and Fitness Recruitment Australia (HFRA) we help build lasting and productive relationships between health, immunisation, fitness and well-being professionals and successful companies.

HFRA grew out of a love for holistic well-being and a broad network of wonderful service providers. Initially sourcing from close connections in the yoga and Pilates field, HFRA now provides organisations with expert consultants and staff trained in fields of fitness, well-being, health (including immunisation nurses), personal training, music, dance, psychology, nutrition, beauty therapy, massage and more.

We specialise in both short term engagements (single events and short course programs) and full time staff.

Execution speed and quality are key to strong relationships in our business; we rapidly understand clients and candidate needs and act on them. Expect local expertise when dealing with Health and Fitness Recruitment Australia, backed by Australia wide resources and a network of professionals.

HFRA has professionals based in all cities and rural regions of Australia and New Zealand.

We have plans to nurture and grow until we are the number one health and fitness recruitment agency in Australia.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you!